Hi, I’m Prateek Mishra, I go around the internet by the username pr0PM.

I work with the Platform Team @ AtlanHQ as SDE-II.

I plan and build stuff to fulfil business problems with cloud native technologies and scale them for hundreds of Kubernetes clusters, taking care of things from CI/CD to observability. Currently, I’m focussed on learning and implementing best practices for cloud security around k8s and AWS.

To decouple myself from the screen, I’m either working out, riding my bicycle around the beautiful city of Lucknow or trying to bake pizzas.

Talk to me about

DevOps, SRE, cloud computing, Linux, Golang, python, k8s or my random procrastination stories. Gonna pul more experiences and thoughts in the posts section soon.

In case you want to reach out, I will respond fastest via Telegram and here is the link to my Telegram channel which is a place for random links that might be worth your time.