A personal blog about my experiences with technology and processes.


I'm Prateek Mishra, I go around the internet by the username pr0PM.

I work with the Cloud and Securiry team @ AtlanHQ.
While we're still figuring out stuff, I experiment and build solutions with the latest cloud native technologies and scale them for hundreds of kubernetes clusters.
These days I'm totally focussed on learning and implementing Cloud Security around k8s and AWS.

I enjoy my free time reading about system designs, distributed systems and economics. If not coding or skilling up, I'm either riding my bicycle around the city, watching anime or reading books.

Talk to me about

cloud computing, linux, golang, python, my procastination stories about setting up this blog or anything in general.
I should respond fastest via Telegram and here is the link to my Telegram channel which is a place for random links that are more worthy than a bookmark.